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Will I Really be Judged on That?

via TJC

I passed by the field of a sluggard, by the vineyard of a man without sense;  and lo, it was all overgrown with thorns; the ground was covered with nettles, and its stone wall was broken down.

Proverbs 30-31

Ever since I was 8, I loved video games as entertainment. Playing through stories is so cool and it is neat to see how creative people are with that medium. I have learned many great skills and lessons from playing through the stories but sometimes a game will be so interesting that I become obsessed. At those times, I would ignore my current responsibilities, whether to school or work, in favor of getting farther in the story or leveling up my character and I think it is the closest I have come to addiction of any kind. I bring this up because this week we are discussing things we have done that we expect to be judged for but also that we have asked for forgiveness over. I think about the hours that I spent enamored with gaining fake, passing “wealth” instead of tending to the garden that God has given me as my responsibility and I know that I will lament that time I could have spent building an addition on God’s Kingdom.  Going forward I know I need to focus less on fun and more on the impact my time can have on those around me so I will be proud of what it produced at my judgment.

Daily Battle Order:

Think about your life and how well you are tending to the responsibilities God has given you.  Is your vineyard overgrown due to inaction or neglect?  Ask for forgiveness for not being a good steward, laying your inadequacy at Christ’s feet and then knowing that you are forgiven, ask how you can use your time in a way that that will bear fruit for God’s Kingdom.

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