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Who Is Coming Soon?

via TJC

At last your troubles will be over, and you will never again fear disaster.

Zephaniah 3:15 NIV

Doesn’t that scripture sound wonderful? - no more troubles. Problem is that it follows verses in Zephaniah about destruction of all life on earth.

Some bible experts reason that Zephaniah exaggerates in his poetry to deliver his message warning people in the near and distant future with the message to repent.

As I drive out of my neighborhood daily, I pass several traffic signs, occasional garage sale signs, and a telephone pole with a small yellow sign that reads “Repent, Jesus is coming soon”.

Driving on mental autopilot it’s easy to disregard the traffic sign commands, as I can easily see that no traffic is coming as I slow before the closest intersection, so no reason to signal and fully stop. It’s funny as the stop sign is outside a city police officer’s home, and when I see him in his car I studiously obey the traffic signs designed to protect.

Well, how about that other sign? The one we have seen people holding on street corners and heard numerous sermons discussing the topic? Frankly, that message is at the center of our faith.

If Jesus died, was resurrected, and then returned to heaven we would be amazed at a great story, but why repent of anything if that’s the end of a cool story? But, the fact that He will return to judge and make the world right becomes like a flashing sign that states turn around now! Even a navigation app will reroute you, but do you proceed on your own way?

What if the neighbor is in his unmarked cruiser headed to work behind you? Are you going to follow the supposed detour?

It’s easy to give a proper response, but is that reality? What little paths do you follow that lead you away from God’s narrow path? Maybe plan to turn around some day soon?

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