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We’re Family: You Shouldnoughta Done That!

via TJC

“Because of the violence you did

to your close relatives in Israel,

you will be filled with shame

and destroyed forever.

When they were invaded,

you stood aloof, refusing to help them.

Foreign invaders carried off their wealth

and cast lots to divide up Jerusalem,

but you acted like one of Israel’s enemies.

You should not have…”

—‭‭Obadiah‬ ‭1‬:‭10‬-‭12‬a ‭(NLT‬‬)

“You shouldnoughta done that.”

If you’re from the south, you might have heard that phrase at some point in your life. Obadiah is calling out the Edomites (descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob/Israel) for being bad cousins. They attacked, gloated, and stole from Jacob.

My parents have eight siblings between them. My wife has 12 sets of aunts and uncles. Almost all of them have kids, and almost all those kids are now married—most have kids of their own. So there are lots of cousins running around in my life. There are even a couple of my cousin-in-laws who help to write these Daily Battle Orders. There are many of my cousins who were involved in situations with me where someone should have said, “You shouldnoughta done that.”

Obadiah gives strong words of “you should not have…” rebukes to the Edomites. In fact, eight times he calls these bad relatives out for their behavior.

As I thought about this, I was convicted about my own attitude toward others, especially in the politically and racially charged world we live in. I may not have turned on my cousins (Don’t worry cousins—I have your back), but I have certainly gloated over the misfortune of others. I’ve been glad when those on “the other side,” whatever that is, have gotten what I thought was coming to them.

Daily Battle Order:

Warriors, what are the “you should not have” rebukes you need or deserve in your life? Are there people in your past you need to make amends with? Are there areas in your life where you are prone to gloat and rejoice in the misfortunes of others? Think about that today. God is pretty consistent. Let’s not face the promise of shame, and even destruction, for this kind of attitude.

As members of God’s family, we must protect and encourage our own, and invite others in.



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