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“For the day of the Lord draws near on all nations…”

–Obadiah 15a

Edomites! They were like weeds. They were everywhere, and you couldn’t get rid of them.

Descendants of Esau, they were the perennial enemy of the sons of Jacob. For centuries, they had kept to the east of the Jordan River until the Babylonian conquest of Judah. In the vacuum, they saw an opening… and here they came. Seizing high ground in the hills surrounding Jerusalem, they repeatedly attacked the Judean people.

Obadiah was a prophet in the purest sense. He appears in history at a perilous time for the people of Israel. His predictions about the Edomites were not completely realized in his era, but rest assured, they were coming. This “book” of the Bible was more a letter of encouragement to the children of Israel. The promised “Day of the Lord” was coming.

The Edomites were eventually driven from their strongholds. Most of them fled or lost their lives. The house of Esau was vanquished. As far as we know from history, the Herods of the New Testament were the last of the Edomites.

It would be easy at this point in the Daily Battle Order to focus on how powerful the Lord is and when He is trusted to fulfill His promises, and we must not pass over that reality. However, let’s examine another aspect of this story… If you were a resident of Judea at this particular point in history, how hopeful would the words of this prophet be? Need I remind you hope is one of the three abiding gifts (1 Cor. 13:13)?

Daily Battle Order:

Think about it: Were you ever given a word of encouragement just when you needed it most? Think of the effect it had on you. When you get up from reading this, resolve to encourage those you come in contact with. Dwell on God’s blessings and allow them to spill out of you and onto others in the here & now.

As members of God’s family, we must protect and encourage our own, and invite others in.



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