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We’re Family: “Let’s Go Battle.”

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“Rise, let us go against her for battle”—

–Obadiah 1d (NIV)

Welcome to the shortest book in the Old Testament, Obadiah! The purpose of this message was to warn Edom of their sin’s consequences… Edom was a cluster of Israelites (descendants of Esau). What was their sin exactly? They hated their own kin (descendants of Jacob). They were so opposed to their cousins that they attacked, gloated, and stole from these family members.

Well, Obadiah relays the destruction God has in store for them, and it’s not pretty.

God has a destruction in store for another movement of Satan.

My wife and I were recently discussing a summer blockbuster film, Sound of Freedom. The theme around this true story is the rescue of children from the dark, ruthless realm of human trafficking.

Last night, I did a Google search and found (not so) shocking results: hundreds (yes, hundreds) of similarly worded headlines: “This movie promotes conspiracy theories…” or, “This is political propaganda...”

Make no mistake: There is a demonic movement across the world to normalize pedophilia. Someone has been trying to normalize sin in general since circa Genesis 3, and this Adversary I speak of normalized sin in Edom. If he can normalize it there, he can normalize it here.

I don’t relish in writing a DBO primarily discussing this evil, but this is something we must remind ourselves, warriors. As much as we all want our white-picket fence BBQ in America today, there are horrible injustices being committed in our country right now as we breathe.

Daily Battle Order:

Open your eyes and be the warriors the Edomite men failed to be:

  1. Understand there is an evil network of proper seeking to kidnap, exploit, and rape our children. (No, it’s not much of an “actionable order,” but if we can’t get this straight, we cannot expect to get the next.)

  2. Encourage a parent you're close with. Tell them you’re praying for them. As you pass a family on the street today, wave hello & smile.

  3. As the TJC Creed says, “...if a father, [I will be] a loving father to my children. I will love and lead them as Christ loves the Church. If a brother, uncle, guardian, mentor or friend, I will give honor in all of my relationships.

  4. If you are consuming pornography, stop immediately. Call an ally today, and let’s receive grace through Jesus together.

As members of God’s family, we must protect and encourage our own, and invite others in.



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