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We are on a Mission

via TJC

For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “ ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’ ” Acts 13-47

Everyone needs a direction in their life, a challenge, something to strive for.  Have you thought about which direction you are headed?  The Joshua Commission mission establishes a foundation, a direction and a tangible goal to measure the fruit of our labor. 

First, “The Kingdom is at War.” This is not a physical fight but a spiritual one.  The battle is for the soul of every human you are in contact with and as the verse today says, we are to bring salvation to the ends of the earth through Christ.  We are to be a stopgap, schooled in the art of spiritual warfare to resist the enemy and bring Christ to the world

Second, “You were Created for Victory.” God made you to succeed!  He has given you abundant tools to help you on your journey to him such as the Bible, prayer, godly examples of those who have died loving Him and the people around you today.  He knows we cannot make it on our own and the Joshua Commission is here to help everyone across the finish line as a victor.

Third, “We Build Disciple makers.” Jesus spent his entire 3 year ministry building up those who would continue the church after he was gone.  We have the same goal.  To build up the next generation through our battlefield maneuvers to be resilient and full of faith, ready to pick up Christ’s cross and carry it into the future.

Daily Battle Order:

Think again to yourself, “Do I know which direction I am headed?”  Have you asked God to provide you with a direction?  Know that the brothers of the Joshua Commission can help you choose a godly heading and outfit you for anything you encounter in this life, because it is our mission how we have chosen to serve as Christ’s hands.



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