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Victory in Leadership: Identify as a Leader

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Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. Acts 20:38

This week at TJC we are looking at how to achieve victory as leaders in the Kingdom.


I read books on Christian leadership; everyone has their opinion. I watched Christian leaders and was not ashamed to copy them, learn from their mistakes, and realize my own ongoing shortcomings. We could spend a lot of time discussing leadership, but identifying as a leader can be boiled down to one rule and one footnote. 


The rule is: You go first. 


That’s what leaders do. They go first. If I want to be a leader, it means that I go first. It’s a simple rule but hard to disagree with. I must be the first to set an example in my family. I must be the first to serve. I must be the first to heal, the first to do the right thing in the Holy Spirit and the first to apply the Word of God. When I fail, I have to be the first to allow Jesus Christ to pick me up…and he will if you ask. 


The footnote is: You keep watch. 


How will I know what to do first, if I do not watch like the good shepherd? I will be useless to God if I am asleep or sleep-walking. So, I have to learn to get outside of my selfishness, keep watch, and allow the Holy Spirit to identify the right opportunities. 


Say to yourself: I will keep watch. I will stay awake and always observant, even when others sleep. Then, I will go first and shepherd in the love of Jesus Christ. When I fail, I will be the first to let Jesus Christ pick me up. 


Daily Battle Order:

Today, think about someone you love or who needs help. Put yourself in their shoes. Pray and think about others. Go through a phase where you convince yourself to re-learn another’s perspective with which you may have disagreed. Keep in mind, the goal of this activity is to tap into the guidance of the Holy Spirit as a Christian leader. Then decide: Where will you go first?  

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And also go last! Be last to eat, last to go to bed after turning off lights and locking doors.

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