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Victory in Leadership: Consistency

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For as many who are consistently and regularly led by God’s Spirit, these are the mature, adult sons of God. - Romans 8:14 

This week at TJC we are looking at how to achieve victory as leaders in the Kingdom.

Every man is a leader. He is either a good or bad leader…but he is a leader nonetheless. One of the hallmarks of a good leader is consistency and regularity.  He can be counted upon to be good to his word on a regular basis as a habit. 

I was walking with a young man who had been paroled from prison. Carl had been abandoned by his father and sexually abused by a stepfather. The lack of loving leadership in the home created an untrustworthy atmosphere. Carl had no healthy foundations. For several years, we had been rebuilding in him how a real father should operate and the attributes of our heavenly Father. 

Like most of us, Carl carried anger and the spiritual DNA of his earthly fathers. This kind only comes out by fasting and prayer! For a long while, he would have four bad days for every three good days. But we kept at it. His consistency improved. Slowly five good days to two bad. His walk ebbed and flowed. He even returned to prison for a parole violation.

But his consistency continued to improve. After his release, his consistency became a known attribute. He stopped blaming his fathers and took ownership of his life’s consistency in Christ. Our by-words were “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much.”  Now 20 years later, he has his own business with eight employees. As the leader of his company, his customers and employees only know him for his steadfastness and consistency in leadership.

Daily Battle Order:

We were created to be consistently good leaders. Practice being consistent just for today. We can take care of tomorrow's consistency, tomorrow. Regardless of circumstances, practice being reliable. Like any muscle, consistent exercise will improve your consistency! This way, your family and those in your circle of influence will recognize you as a leader who walks with Jesus consistently. 



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