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Consistency in Action: At Home

via TJC

Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. Jude 1.21

This is hard…I’m tempted to explain what consistency is rather than to show you what it looks like in the home because it would be so much easier to do. Since “keep it simple, stupid” is a recurring theme with TJC, I think I’ll use the simplest example of consistency at home that I know of:


His name is Presley. He’s a labradoodle. Characteristics of this breed are intelligence, attention deficit, stubbornness, and fun as heck to be around. He loves me as much as a chunk of ribeye, and it’s because of that I bring him to you as Exhibit A.

When I first got Presley, he was not the dog he is today. He was wild. He was all over the place, enamored with any passing fancy, any distraction. He knew I was the boss, but come on, man! There’s a squirrel! He was always into something and unwilling to do what it takes to earn the rewards. As we spent more time together we developed trust, respect, and most of all… love. Four years have gone by and life is so much better for both of us.

Now, when I come home I know what to expect. I’m greeted warmly and offered a toy to play with or we can share a quiet time together, my choice. Presley listens to my commands and heeds most of them. He lives to please me. He breaks the rules sometimes, but he knows that unconditional love awaits him regardless. He is consistent and I love that.

Daily Battle Order:

I think you see the analogy (if you don’t, I’m worried about you). When someone enters your home, they should sense the presence of God and goodness. They should notice a “difference”. Not perfection, mind you. Consistency. Pray for it. Expect it. 



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Joshua Holland
Joshua Holland
26 de jul. de 2022

We can learn a lot from our wives too. A loving wife who wishes to please and respect her husband is all a man could want. We should be that way to our Father. We should always be learning new ways to please him and be removing things that dishonor him.( I know putting dogs in a category with women is a no no but I had too)


Great DBO. I’ve learned more from past dogs, especially Toby, than from many men, especially theologians.

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