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Jonah 2:1 via TJC

“Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from the belly of the fish,” Jonah 2:1 ESV

I can’t imagine the smell, texture, and uncomfortable nature of being inside something’s digestive system. Under water and alone Jonah turns to who he has betrayed, who put him there, and can save him. Reminds me of a time where I decided to depart from God’s calling on my life and choose “the easy way out” which in turn was actually the hard way because of my conscious spirit telling me,”oh boy you better get right or this is going to be a rough one!” Finally, in the dark and alone like Jonah I prayed earnestly to our Creator to change my current situation and to come alongside me with a heart of forgiveness. The result- I am now writing for TJC.

Daily Battle Order:

You know exactly what God is calling you to do, but you are running away and being swallowed up by the world. Turn to him in prayer to give you the necessary talents, gifts, and resources to complete His mission.



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