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The Wages of Sin

via TJC Sin separates us from God and will always lead to death; death of the body, death of the soul. "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." -Romans 6:23 ESV Another way of describing ‘the wages of sin’ is ‘the subsistence pay’. Subsistence pay means maintaining oneself at a bare minimum level, the minimum income needed to barely survive. So there are wages that accompany sin and they are not enough to live on. The words ‘eternal life’ is often preceded by the word ‘superabundant’. So to choose God is to chose superabundant eternal life! Sin is simply choosing not-God and agreeing to subsistence wages. To choose God is to select superabundant free gifts. So at best, when I choose to sin, I chose subsistence-level living. But when I choose the free gift of God, I get to live…really live and do so superabundantly. Keep in mind that as men, our choices will always impact others around us. Our family, our friends, and those with whom we interact, every day. Daily Battle Order:

The foundation of every mans’ standing order each day in battle, contains a common phrase. It was first voiced by Joshua. “Choose this day whom you will serve!’ The Lord has given us the freedom to chose! He has placed before you life and death, the blessing or the curse. So choose life today, in order that you may live, you and your descendants. When faced with temptations, recall to your mind…speak to yourself! ‘I chose God, I chose superabundant over subsistence living.’ Shout if necessary!


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I understand the verse; and not sure the text here matches. There is a big difference in death and minimum wage.

Brian Lohr
Brian Lohr
03 mars 2022
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Is it possible there are men who, because of their life choices, are ‘living’ yet really dead? They may be using oxygen, 98.6 and ambulatory…and yet not really living? Just like Balam or Simon the magician, occupying space but not fulfilling their God-created destiny. I see this as living, yet very minimally. Dead men walking as opposed to men choosing God and thus live superabundantly.

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