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The Stepping Stones

via TJC

2 Peter 1:6

And to knowledge, self-control; to self-control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness

It’s the most challenging time of my Life, but I’m still here. My enemies are all around me. These days, I feel alone, even in a crowd - even at my kitchen table. There is one thing, though that I always do: I wake up. I pray. I make a choice. Then, I laced up my boots and I start walking down that life journey.  The trail ahead is famed for its steep inclines. Each step promises a test of endurance and a battle of wills

This journey is my training. The spiritual path to maturity is described in 2 Peter 1:6 and is applicable to any challenge. Peter gives us stepping stones. .

The progression starts with faith and sequentially adds virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, and godliness. Each attribute builds on the last, creating a foundation that leads us closer to living a life that reflects God's character. The step from self-control to perseverance will happen if you just move forward with God. I will face the trail's relentless climb. Self-control is the ability to govern desires and impulses, a crucial skill. The devil loves someone who is easily consumed. Add perseverance to self-control and we get stronger.

Every day, we get stronger so long as we wake up and make a choice to follow Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Christ, I will walk through the valley and fear no evil. I will reach the summit, imperfect but saved. The effort, the self-control, the perseverance—it all culminated in a moment where the beauty of creation meets the spirit's striving for holiness. Peter says that godliness is not a sudden acquisition but the result of steadily striving

Daily Battle Order:

Reflect on Your Path: Consider where you are on your spiritual journey. Identify which virtue you need to focus on next according to Peter's progression.

Exercise Self-Control: Choose one area of your life where impulses often get the better of you. Commit to practicing self-control in that area this week.

Persevere in Prayer: Identify a prayer request you've grown weary of bringing before God. Commit to persevering in prayer for this request, trusting that God is working even when you don't see immediate results.

As we lace up our boots each morning, ready to face the day's challenges, let us remember that our spiritual journey is a hike worth taking. Through self-control, perseverance, and a heart aimed towards godliness, we step closer to reflecting the image of Christ in our lives.



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