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The Purpose of the Holy Scriptures

via TJC

“More in number than the hairs of my head

are those who hate me without cause;

mighty are those who would destroy me,

those who attack me with lies”.

—Psalms 69.4 ESV

David’s words in the 69th Psalm could easily be passed over, seeing as he expressed dread and fear for his life over and over in the days of Saul and by the various heathen tribes who sought to destroy him. But there’s more to this statement than that.

Psalms is primarily a prayer and praise book, but I am struck by how adeptly it plays its most important role: that of prophecy about the main subject of the entire Bible… Jesus, of course. Jesus loved to quote the Psalms. The brilliant placement and framing of these prophetic quotes absolutely blows my mind. 116 quotations from Psalms are repeated in the New Testament. “It’s almost as if someone knew ahead of time that Jesus would repeat so many of them,” (he said sarcastically).

“But the word that is written in their Law must be fulfilled: 'They hated me without a cause.'” John 15.25. There it is.

No doubt, so many Psalms were repeated by the Lord for the very purpose of proving who He is and who His father is. But Hebrews also tells us that the human Jesus… the one we can definitely relate to… needed comfort and reassurance. He needed reinforcement and “nourishment” from the scriptures just like we do.

Psalms emphasizes these things: There is only one God. He is ever present, all powerful, and boundlessly wise. I can’t speak for everyone reading this, but I’m just like Jesus when it comes to this subject. I need God. I need to know He’s always here. I need His wisdom.

Daily Battle Order:

Today, pour over the Psalms and claim a statement that applies to your current situation. Pray and trust God to act in your best interest. He will! He promised!

Worship with TJC this morning:

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Tom Burke
Tom Burke
17 Μαΐ 2023

This song spoke to my heart and my spirit this morning. It really ties into the message from the DBO.

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