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The Omniscience of God

via TJC

Just as you don’t know the path of the wind, or how bones develop in the womb of a pregnant woman, so also you don’t know the work of God who makes everything.

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭11‬:‭5‬

In our unprecedented digital age, we have immediate access to data and information on every subject right in the palm of our hands. In the wake of this vast gateway of knowledge, how often and quickly we forget about the limits of our human understanding. Science has come a long way since the writing of Ecclesiastes and we certainly have a more developed understanding of the processes of reproduction, conception, and fetal development. Yet for all man’s pursuit of answers to life’s mysteries through biology, chemistry, medicine, and other scientific disciplines, the sciences have failed to account for the spiritual dimensions of humanity—the very creation of a human soul, embodied in flesh and bearing the very image of his or her Creator, with a deep longing for meaning, purpose and significance outside of himself or herself. As we have seen, this is the matter that drives the quest of the Preacher in Ecclesiastes—as Pastor Rick Warren says, “What on earth am I here for?” It is quite humbling that we can learn a lot about the “what” and “how,” i.e., what are the biological and chemical processes that support life and how do we survive, by studying science but we will never understand the major “why” questions behind our existence outside of God’s specific truth in His Word and His Son. It is no coincidence that all throughout Scripture we are reminded of our finiteness and God’s omniscience, for how prone we are to go astray and fabricate some kind of meaning for ourselves! Thankfully, the Teacher in Ecclesiastes does not leave us wondering what our ultimate purpose is: “When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is this: fear God and keep his commands, because this is for all humanity.” ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12‬:‭13‬ ‭CSB‬‬

Daily Battle Order:

Do you ever find yourself pondering your life’s meaning? Take heart in knowing that God’s knowledge surpasses your own and ask Him to reveal His purpose to you so that you have more than your wayward heart to follow!



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