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The Lord Regretted

via TJC

The word of the Lord came to Samuel: “I regret that I have made Saul king, for he has turned back from following Me and has not performed My commandments.” - 1 Samuel 15:10–11.

When I was in school I always hated group projects. We would always divide the work evenly, and I, being the leader, would give very specific instructions about what everyone else needed to do. Then someone (Let’s call him Matt) would bungle his portion so badly that it would make even more work for me than if I had just done it all myself. I would say to myself “I regret giving Matt a job. Now I’m doing Matt’s work and Matt is getting my grade. This is the worst!” Then, later in the year I would get partnered with Matt again, and after being burned I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of relying on him to do anything useful.

Regret is something I grew accustomed to in life. I regret doing or not doing many things, but until recently I would never have imagined that God would have regret. He’s God after all, he knows and controls how all things work out, right? Well right here 1 Samuel 15:10-11 says pretty plainly that God regretted making Saul king. If you read the whole story, you’ll find that the root of God’s thought was like my regret during group projects at school: God had given Saul very specific instructions, and Saul didn’t do what he was told to do. Even worse, when Saul was caught, he tried to convince everyone that what he did was actually BETTER than God’s original plan! God’s regret resulted in Saul losing God’s presence and David being anointed King.

Daily Battle Order:

We have choices everyday, Kingdom Men. God has given us his Word and has very specific instructions written inside of what he wants us to do and what he doesn’t want us to do. Ask yourself: Do you know what God’s instructions are? Are you following them? Don’t be a man that would cause God to say later, “I regret …”



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