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The Kingdom Men of Greencastle

via TJC

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. -Hebrews 11:1

The following is a story of an imagined participant in the Battle of Gettysburg. This battle was a turning point for the United States, and the hopes and dreams of those involved are landmarks to the heart and soul of our nation. In anticipation of our annual Gettysburg battlefield training, TJC authors have taken creative liberty to generate some of those hopes, informed by history, that resonate through generations to our present time. Our hope is that it ministers to your spirit.

Greencastle, Pennsylvania, June 27, 1863

Daddy caught word from horseman out of Chambersburg that Longstreet had ordered rebs to capture colored people and ship them back in chains. He and Mr. Jenks and a few of the men were out all night warning colored families and setting them up in the hills. They brought back Mr. and Mrs. Davis and their children. Mrs. Davis was crying in our kitchen and momma was rubbing her back. The rebs had rounded up her sister in Chambersburg... and those rebs were coming through Greencastle.

That night, Daddy met with the Pastor and the town leaders in our parlor. Momma was pleading with them not to do this thing, but then Daddy said, “Martha, the Lord is no respecter of persons. How can we live with ourselves if we let this happen?”

The next morning, we all hid in the root cellar. There was gun fire. Daddy and some men overcame a Confederate chaplain and four guards marching women and children in chains. They saved and then hid forty colored people in the jail, but none of them were Mrs. Davis’ sister. A Confederate man named General Jenkins sent word that he would burn the jail down.

So we prayed and we sang. We held hands all of us but neither Momma or Mrs. Davis would stop crying. We prayed all night, and the Lord heard our prayers! The next morning, the rebs were gone somewhere up north. My Daddy is my hero - he saved those people. Lord, please help Mrs. Davis’s sister and bring her back home!

DAILY BATTLE ORDER: What is that “something” that you couldn’t live with yourself as a Kingdom man unless you took action? What does it mean to stand up for the oppressed or the weak? What would you be willing to do? How would you face your children and wife in such a moment?


SIGN UP FOR GETTYSBURG: Calling all Kingdom Men! The Joshua Commission will hold its annual Gettysburg Battlefield training 15-16 October or meet us on the battlefield on 16 October at 0830

Click the link above to sign up. Please join us in Gettysburg, experience genuine fellowship with Christian men, and equip yourself for Victory as a prince and warrior in God’s kingdom!




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