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The Importance of Honoring a Commitment

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“Let the work on this house of God alone. Let the governor of the Jews and the elders of

the Jews rebuild this house of God on its site.”

—Ezra 6:7 ESV

Ezra was a leader of Jewish exiles who brought a large group of Israelites back to the land west of the river Jordan from Babylon, where they had endured many decades of slavery and oppression. King Cyrus of Persia (which had since conquered Babylon) had been influenced by God to release them and renew their freedom by sending them home to Israel where they could rebuild their temple.

However, many obstacles stood in the way of the rebuild, the most prominent being the objections of the locals. Their complaint was that things were good just as they were, and that the Israelites were trouble makers who had been a nuisance when they last occupied the land. At this point, Cyrus' reign was over, and Darius was King. He ordered a search of the records and discovered that indeed Cyrus had given the Hebrew exiles permission to reestablish the temple and the territory. Through God’s providence, the rebuild resumed.

At first glance, Ezra is not the most eventful or exciting book of the Bible. However, at second glance... it’s STILL not. But consider this: The temple these people rebuilt is the very temple which stood until 70 A.D. when Titus (Roman) leveled the city of Jerusalem. Jesus worshiped and prayed in this very temple. This temple stood in Jerusalem on Mount Zion when Jesus was slain outside the city walls. For 600 years, it stood and witnessed so much of the history that is precious to all believers.

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By God’s providence, Darius remained true to the promise of his predecessor. Because of that, the legacy and lineage of Christianity was preserved exactly as it was prophesied. As you change habits, embrace limits, and face your past as a Kingdom Man, please realize your commitment is important to those whose lives you are influencing, as well as to the God who so greatly loves you.



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