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The Church and Its Impact

via TJC

Dear Theophilus,

I was standing there on Solomon’s porch, watching the apostles put many signs and wonders on display. That in itself was amazing, but I’ve never witnessed a crowd of people so tightly knit and in unison in belief. Goodness! The people just kept coming! Men and Women, many healthy, and they’re placing the sick and lame out in the street just for a chance to have Peter’s shadow pass over them in hopes they may be healed! The people continue to come by the thousands from neighboring cities bringing even more sick and crazy people. What’s blowing my mind is that every single person is being healed. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a church like this!

2023 - It has been an amazing privilege to be a part of several churches and God-centered organizations. The multiple denominations speckle that background.

The churches and organizations dearest to me are those that stirred my heart. They made me question everything! They made me ask deeper questions. They made me ponder who God is and how to know Him better. The spirit moved in these places. There are times when I thought life was good, then the Spirit of the Lord made me realize so much had to change.

Many people are doing the things God called them to do and they serve as inspiration for me to do the same. An elite few have spoken words of life over me. They also helped me find resources I would have never known about. The CS Lewis Institute, TJC, Every Man A Warrior, Arbor Disciple, Makaira Men, and WACMM to name a few. The comradery of these relationships is like those that might have been witnessed on Solomon’s porch!

Now I am called to the mission field and will be in Argentina at the end of November, as I begin an exploration into Business as Missions. I look forward to building more relationships through this opportunity. I love the church and its emphasis on missions.

I pray God will continue to use me/us wherever he leads. God is constantly trying and testing us to move forward. We don’t always perceive things as going in the right direction in our life, but when we look back, we see where God has taken us, where he has us, and how He has redeemed so much, to include our very lives. I am extremely eager to see how and where the journey continues.

Daily Battle Order - Stand in the place where you are now. Literally face the heavens. Think about God’s direct interest in you and what step you should take today. Don’t delay. Join me in the prayer above



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