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Thanks, Tebow.

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“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

—John 3:16

Remember the height of Tim Tebow? There was “Tebowing,” (kneeling after a touchdown)… There was the eye black with John 3:16… There was a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy, the first ever underclassman to win it… He was obviously an accomplished football player and a man bold in his faith.

A couple years ago, I randomly took a closer look at Tebow’s LinkedIn page. There in his bio were the words “Follower of Jesus.”

I thought to myself, “If this guy… who is on ESPN every week, investing in new business ideas, giving motivational speeches, nearing a net worth of $10 million… if THIS guy can write THOSE words as his identity on LinkedIn, why can’t a guy like me have that in his bio? Why shouldn’t I? I have nowhere near the risk Tebow has! He has everything to lose—I have much less to lose!”

I determined this thought was a true conviction from the Spirit, and I consequently changed my LinkedIn to add “Follower of Jesus Christ.”

A couple years pass and, suddenly, I find myself on the job hunt. My wife and I were paying a hefty mortgage, and we needed me to land a new job and to land it fast.

The thought crossed both our minds: “Should I remove ‘Follower of Jesus’ from my bio? How many businesses am I turning away that would otherwise hire me?”

After serious consideration into removing, we both came to the same conclusion: No. The decision to make this change was born out of a real conviction from the Spirit. I can’t go backwards in faith just because times appear uncertain. My faith would be in vain. And boy are we glad I didn’t change it–turns out, a job was right around the corner. It was a trial from the Lord to see if we would remain faithful.

So today I say: Thanks, Tebow. You inspire me to be bolder in my faith.

Daily Battle Order:

Share a time someone inspired you in your faith.

What is one way you can be bold in your faith in Jesus Christ today? Consider making a change to your LinkedIn bio!



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