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Stability & Protection

via TJC

The Lord is faithful, trustworthy, and dependable, who shall stabilize you and shall protect you from the Pernicious One [which is the Satan]. - 2 Thessalonians 3:3 WEGNT

Because we are creatures created to make free choices, our decisions determine our stability and protection. Oh how I wanted a steady, unchanging life. 

Rising early, I started the day praising the Lord. I recounted the many ways He showed me His faithfulness. I took my morning walk, which offered time to meditate and pray in the Spirit. Returning, I proceeded to split and stack wood. But as I showered, a sense of foreboding came over me. Something was amiss. My stability and sense of protection was going to be tested.

Somehow, I had lost track of time. Now I was in danger of being late for work. In my anxiousness, I suddenly realized I had lost my wallet. I looked everywhere. No wallet and I HAD to leave. It was now very tempting to question His dependability and trustworthiness. 

For about 30 minutes, I wrestled. I was in that nasty place, on the edge of stability. I had to make my request in a trusting attitude, not in an expression of hesitation which vacillates. To remain in this angry, wavering state, would have made me like the surf of the sea. I HAD to make a choice. Speaking loudly, I proclaimed “He IS dependable, the Lord of time and wallets.”

I place my time and wallet in His capable hands.

The traffic lights worked in my favor. I arrived at work with time to spare. Said wallet was found on top of my work desk! I found stability and protection. Good! I now have that life lesson under my belt. 

Yet, we all know that tomorrow will be filled with events out of our physical control. 

Daily Battle Order:

Muscle memory can be found in the physical, mental and spiritual arenas. Recognize that the war is won in the trenches of the little battles. The more we speak to our souls and develop muscle memory regarding our Father’s character, the better men of God we become. And in enduring the trials, we find His stability and protection.



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