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“Ride or Die” Is Strongest with Forgiveness

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Two Corinthians walk into a bar… (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

“Anyone you forgive, I do too. For what I have forgiven — if I have forgiven anything — it is for your benefit in the presence of Christ,”

2 Corinthians 2:10 CSB

In Paul’s letters to the Corinthians we see the church and Paul struggle when introducing the Gospel and a way of life that was contrary and alien to the prevailing culture. Here, Paul is working to see relationships restored in victory. A victory that reflects the enduring love of God and his ability to comfort us in every aspect of our lives and community. A victory that overcomes grudges; even those born out of loyalty.

A few weeks ago a colleague and I were on a work trip. We happened to be in a town where one of our former co-workers now lives. As we talked about our plans, I asked him if he’d like to meet up with our old co-worker. I could tell by his response, he wasn’t really looking forward to catching up with him because he didn’t think we would have time in our schedule, plus he was holding a grudge against the guy for something he had done to me.

Although we didn’t end up meeting with our former co-worker, my colleague and I had a conversation about forgiveness. I told him, “Man, we have been friends for over a decade. I appreciate your support and your loyalty to me. Your “Ride or Die” spirit is awesome. But I’ve forgiven our co-worker, please don’t carry that burden for me. If you can, forgive him too.”

Daily Battle Order:

Have you carried a grudge out of loyalty? Do you still carry it even though your loved one has forgiven them? Let that go. Being strong, supportive in the presence of Christ is the best loyalty you can offer.



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