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“Then Boaz said, “On the day you buy the land from Naomi, you also acquire Ruth the Moabite, the dead man’s widow, in order to maintain the name of the dead with his property.” – Ruth 4:5

 In the fourth and final Chapter of Ruth, we see Boaz do something that may seem insignificant, but makes a bold statement that we are to follow as men.

Boaz pledges himself to Ruth by taking her hand in marriage. What this did was seal the fate of generations to come to receive the rights (land ownership, livestock, etc.) to the descendants of Elimelech, Ruth’s deceased husband, and redeem his line.

As men, be it as husbands, fathers, or friends, we are constantly faced with decisions that will impact those we love. It may be whether to go to that work happy hour instead of having dinner with the family. It could be choosing to go to your daughter’s soccer game instead of drinks with the boss. Whatever the case may be, these decisions have consequences.

It is my belief that God allowed this example of what Boaz gave up (seeing as he had his “pick of the litter”, per se, in women) to bless Ruth for her steadfastness and dedication to family.

One such situation that I had to decide on was to resign my commission as an officer in the US Military and choose my family first. After spending 7 years on Active Duty and then a 9-year break in service, I was commissioned into the Reserves. I spent two years as an officer and the process for the position I was training for would be complete within a matter of months. However, I could see this was causing a great detriment to my family life and that we would not survive a return to Active Duty.

Therefore, I made the decision to resign my commission. I felt as though I let many down but, to my surprise, the men I respected most honored me for that decision as I put family first. Choosing family over work, friends, whatever it might be is never the wrong choice.

Daily Battle Order:

Search within yourself to find what it is that you may be doing that you know full well is for yourself and not the benefit of those who love you.



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