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Protect Your Neighbors

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But Joshua had commanded the troops, “Do not shout or let your voice be heard. Don’t let one word come out of your mouth until the time I say, ‘Shout!’ Then you are to shout.” ~Joshua 6:10


When I was living in Washington, DC we did a prayer run around the National Mall.  We’d start at the Lincoln Memorial and then run to the Holocaust Museum. From there, we’d head to the Capitol then to the White House. We’d finish the run at the Washington Memorial. If you were to trace these landmarks on the map, they would form a cross. But that’s only part of the reason why we chose this run. Another reason was we got to interact with people from all over the country. We’d talk to people while we were waiting at stop lights. We’d “Hi-5” other runners and pray for those we passed while we prayed for our nation.  Still another reason was that it taught us that intentional prayer while walking (or running) around our neighborhoods was a form of protection. We were serving as priests and sheepdogs for our communities.


As Kingdom Men, our ability to protect our neighbors is a function of our character and prayer life. That’s our “Shout!” Joshua demonstrated this at Jericho. Joshua was a leader and he delivered a promise from the Lord to his people, “The Lord said to Joshua, ‘Look, I have handed Jericho, its king, and its best soldiers over to you” (Joshua 6:2). They trusted him because of his character. They knew his directions were aligned with the Lord, and for their benefit. So for 6 days they marched around the city. On the 7th day they marched and shouted and the walls of Jericho came down and the promise was fulfilled. 


Daily Battle Order:

If you’ve never done a prayer walk around you neighborhood. Make time to do it today! Start with a lap around your block.  Pray for the neighbors on your street. Pray for safety on your street. Pray for new and old relationships. Pray for the schools nearby. Pray, walk…And Shout!


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It doesn’t hurt to (if you’re walking) to ask someone you pass if there is something in their life that you can pray for as you walk.


Norman Balchunas
Norman Balchunas
15 Eyl 2022

Love it- get out of the comfy ”prayer chair” and out into the community you are praying for!!

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