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Promises: God Wants Us With Him

via TJC

“Now no shrub had yet appeared on the earth and no plant had yet sprung up, for the LORD God had not sent the rain on the earth and there was no one to work the ground,” ~Genesis 2:5

Since the beginning it has been God’s plan to do life with us. This week we will look at the promises that the LORD God demonstrates to us before the Fall. As Kingdom Men and  disciple makers, it is important to understand the original plan and the LORD God’s desire because that’s how we know we were created for victory. This week we will see that in His original plan the LORD God wants us to be with Him. He fully equips us for the job. He establishes healthy boundaries to keep us “for” something. And He blesses our relationships and communities.

Genesis 2:5 is my favorite Bible verse. The way I read it, it is where the LORD God gives us our purpose. In this verse He lets us know that He chooses us to partner with Him and His works to bring life-giving gifts to the earth.  Nothing had sprung up for two reasons: He didn’t bring the rain, and there was no one to do the work. Then He created US! Before the Fall, creation would know of His goodness and have a full and abundant life because we were purposed to work with Him. That is HUGE! In this verse He unequivocally lets us know “whose” we are and WHY!

This promise has cemented my relationship with the Lord. I knew He sent Jesus to redeem us, but I always sort of wondered why. But right here in the beginning of the book, in the beginning of the story of mankind, He tells us. He wants a partner to achieve his Glory in His creation. And He chose us.

Daily Battle Order:

Does God’s glory in you seem to onlookers like you are “killing them with goodness?” Is it so radiant that it is unifying the space and people around you? So Kingdom Man, today, show your goodness and create unity with the person who frustrated you yesterday. If no one frustrated you, then this morning, show goodness to the last person you saw on your way out of work yesterday.  



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