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Obedience – Not IF, but WHEN – Whether Easy or Hard

via TJC

“And the children of Israel did according to all that the Lord commanded Moses, so did they." Numbers 1:54

I was eager to move out and explore after high school, and the Navy sounded awesome. After serving I was back near home finishing a very expensive degree, next up was a job in DC. As a warrior I was poised to move out and conquer. Then about 2017 I became agitated with work. During that period, I happened to notice some of my hometown friends making career choices that brought them back to the region and it seemed to bring them joy. I jumped on the bandwagon. I began making plans for a “simpler and slower paced life with a reduced cost of living”. I made plans – I had it ALL figured out; except my plan was easy cause it was all business.

What God “allowed” and what I planned “seemed to align. However, what I did not know is what God would “allow” once we moved. Long story short – it was the messiest time in my life, and I cannot say I was obedient and showed grace to others. Even my best laid plans seem right, until God challenged them.

In Chapter 1 the Israelites fully obey, and yet, that was the only the beginning of their commands from God – the easy part. In chapter 14, entering Canaan became too hard, and disobedience occurred. Like them I failed to maintain obedience in one of the hardest times of life. I was not seeing through the proper lens much like 10 of the 12 spies.

What separates mature faithful warriors from new believers is the ability to prioritize God and remain obedient in the hardest times. Obedience must be full obedience; not delayed; joyful – yes, joyful; a cynical spirit is still internal defiance.

Daily Battle Order:

Where are you getting your orders and do they sync with our Commander Jesus Christ? What steps of obedience are you waiting to take? Has God told you to hold the line and be patient? Does he want you to remove yourself from a situation? Does he want you to take radical action and move, serve, maybe publicly share your faith?

Seriously - name one area this morning and determine, are you really being obedient to your desires or God?



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