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Numbers: Focus on the Task at Hand


“The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “See that the Kohathite tribal clans are not destroyed from among the Levites.” Numbers 4:17-18 NIV

During the census, God instructed Aaron and Moses to separate the Israelite clans and camp out near the tent of meeting according to their standards. One clan that was separated and given special instructions for breaking down, moving, and setting up the tabernacle was the Levites. Within the Levites, there was a smaller group called the Kohathites who were set apart by God to move the Holy items after they were appropriately packed, but instructed not to touch them and only carry out the task that was given to them.

This stood out to me because I am in a season where I feel that my focus needs to be the job at hand and just do What God asks of me. I’m not trying to worry about others and what they think of me. It's a little tricky however, because it is easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt or judging yourself based on what others may or may not think and then you become paralyzed and lose yourself to your own thoughts. Good thing I have a perfect creator and he knows me better than I do!

I’m sure there was some quarreling between the Levites and other Israelites on why God chose what he chose, but in the end we are chosen if we believe in him. Doesn’t matter what you look like, what your status is, or how cool you think you are. God just wants us to trust in him and do what he asks of us.

Daily Battle Order:

We too are in a tumultuous state of trying to combat the status quo and are unfocused on God. We have been set apart by God and given a certain task. Some similar and some truly unique unlike others. Quit trying to negotiate or look for alternatives. What task has God told you is important, what are his orders for you? Focus on the task that He is giving you and stop worrying about the others.



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