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No Match for God

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“And they will be like warriors, trampling down the enemy in the mud of the streets in battle; and they will fight, because the LORD will be with them; and the riders on horses will be put to shame.” Zechariah 10:5 (NASB)

I went to high school in South Georgia. One year when our football team played a team from Alabama, it was a mismatch of the century. We were a small private school with probably 25-30 players (max) and most of the starters played both offense and defense. But in rode this other team on three buses. They probably had 90-100 players and they were skilled. The final score showed the mismatch (50-3). We literally had no chance against that team.

Anyone who goes against the Lord is mismatched. Judah knew their God was great and would be with them in battle, should it come. God reinforced those beliefs through Zechariah 10:5.

God is with us, to fight our battles. His might is mightier than any foe we face. We only lose these battles when we think we are defeated. That team we faced on that field could have lost to us if they hadn’t played to their skill level. We fought hard against them every play. But they knew they had a superior force. Hey, listen, we do too.

God is the mighty warrior. I have been memorizing Psalm 24. It’s only ten verses. I love verse 8 that says, “Who is this King of glory? The Lord is strong and mighty. The Lord is mighty in battle.” Do you think God is through fighting His children’s battles here on earth? No way. He fights my battles every day. I invoke His power and His strength daily.

I pray you know that He is on your side. He does not turn us into some kind of superhero, but He does give us the strength to face each challenge head on. There is nothing the devil can throw at you that He cannot defeat. He will use you to do that. Trust Him. He is your strength. He is your mighty power. You are His soldier in the battle. Fight on!

Daily Battle Order:

Ask the Master and Defender to give you the courage to fight each day.

Put on the full armor of God to fight the enemy. Never take on the enemy alone. Call for reinforcements from your brothers in arms.

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1 Comment

Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Sep 28, 2023

I was pondering this same thing this morning in my quiet time with my heavenly Dad. I turned to Psalm 24 and read that passage after you mentioned it, and it encouraged me and confirmed to me those things my Heavenly Dad was sharing with me this morning. While I do put on the armor most every morning, today I took the time to pray over each piece and consider what I was putting on and why. I am in a battle, we all are in a battle. It is what my faith is all about. Solid DBO today!

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