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Nehemiah Intro - Doing Versus Talking

via TJC

“Things are not going well, They are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem has been torn down and the gates have been destroyed by fire” Nehemiah 1:3

Tradition has Ezra writing a first person account of Nehemiah, with the two books as one - rebuilding the temple and then the walls. This week we will be recounting details and actions that matter to God.

Nehemiah had a cushy job as a palace official - he was the King’s wine taster and had a lot of influence with the King. Upon news of the walls being wrecked, Nehemiah cries and pleads with God then he prays and fasts- and takes action.

It’s easy to cry and complain, even plead to God for those things that we see are wrong. However Kingdom Men do what Nehemiah did - they leverage their spiritual disciplines to include prayer and fasting to actually have God direct their footsteps to take action.

Daily Battle Order:

I have made promises to God and broken them; walls have been broken I need to repair. God has pointed out the damage I needed to repair. Some of it still needing my attention. How about you; what do you need to repair ? Consider fasting and praying today for clarity and God’s direction



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