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My Public Relations Department


Mark 5:43

And He charged them sternly that no one should know this. - Wuest Expanded Greek New Testament

In Mark 5, we read about the daughter of synagogue official Jairus, who died. Entering Jairus’s home, Jesus observed the professional mourners putting on their dog and pony show, religiously wailing and sobbing. After proclaiming the little girl not to have died, these performers laughed and mocked Jesus. He promptly removed them from the house. With just the girl's parents and a couple of disciples, Jesus spoke to the girl, “Get up!” And she did just that. He then charged them ‘sternly’ that no one should know this. Now, why did He say that? After witnessing such a miracle, why not let the word get out? That is a perfect opportunity for some great marketing!

I once had a discussion with our church’s senior pastor on the subject of worship. These were excellent, robust, and brotherly conversations. After meeting with the rest of the leadership team, it was announced that the church would be changing the worship's tenor. We were going to focus on worship TO and FOR the Lord. I was pleasantly surprised. He quoted me! Then it dawned on me. He never mentioned my name. “Hey! I wanted the credit for jump-starting the subject!,” was my reaction. Then I thought of Jesus’s charge to those in that room who witnessed the miracle. He charged them sternly, “No one should know this.” At that moment, I was more concerned about my public relations than advancing the Kingdom of God. We know God sees our hearts and thus we do not need worldly praise for good deeds. Daily Battle Order

Today, focus on placing your public relations in the hands of the Lord and not the hands of the world. If you are in Kingdom work to garner personal praise or accolades, you are in danger of diluting your efforts. As men of God, we must center our lives around Him and place our marketing into His hands.

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1 Comment

Norman Balchunas
Norman Balchunas
Oct 17, 2023

why the Via is so essential to TJC

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