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My Legacy: The Joshua Commission disciples Kingdom Families

via TJC

“I am a Kingdom Man with a Kingdom vision. Commissioned by Christ to be a disciple-maker. My life is the Father’s. I am intentional. I will grow in my faith, be consistent in my actions and leave a legacy worthy of the race I have run.” TJC Creed, 6th Stanza

Legacy is a noun similar to inheritance and heritage. It is something we inherit from past generations and pass to our future generations. 

As a father, grandfather, uncle and mentor, legacy is a major motivator within TJC and for myself.

Sitting quietly in the early morning, thinking about what I’ve passed on, what impact I’ve made; a trap appears quickly with a sign that reads “do as I say, not as I do”. as those times I’ve stumbled appear behind that sign. Each one seems to detract from the impacts I hoped to make.

As I lift my head, I see that sign as more of a warning to change my path, and alter the impact of my life, and what my legacy will be. I get to choose which path I run on.

I love my children, and like all fathers know and see the impact of those good lessons we made possible, and also the impact of maybe harsh words. I can hear it in their stories and even family jokes. Some are funny, but others it’s clear that my intent didn’t pan out. 

I love my children even more for the second chances provided, as now our dialogs are more mature and they want advice and I’m listening more. Even more valuable is the time with their children-our grandchildren. 

We are not in the thick of their every day schedules and challenges, so we get to be intentional with our actions and words and what we deposit into their future. I’m a little slower jogging on this path, been tripped up enough to see the exposed roots, and know it’s about going the distance versus a sprint.

Daily Battle Order:

Stanza 6 reminds us to be intentional about our legacy. What do you want your legacy, your race to be? At dinner tonight ask your kids what their favorite family story is and ask them to tell it. Listen to what is inscribed on their heart. Pray on what you hear and determine to spend more time on that trail or pick a new direction. You choose the legacy you’re leaving.



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