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Mother’s Day Prayer

via TJC

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may have a long life in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. Exodus 20:12

Father, thank you for the mothers in our lives. Thank you for their courage and sacrifice to bring us into the world. Father, we thank you for the skinned knees and broken hearts they helped mend. Father, we forgive our moms for the pain they caused whether in words, withdrawal, withholding, absence or abandonment. Lord, we thank you for Mother-figures: our grandmamas, aunts, God-Mothers and family-friends who spoke into our lives with love.

Lord, this Mother’s Day follows a complex week in our nation’s history. This week we learned that the Supreme Court has drafted a decision to potentially overturn Roe v. Wade which will fundamentally impact the landscape of motherhood in our country. Father I think you that for every person who has an opinion or voice to speak on the issue of abortion, their mother chose life. Lord, this is probably the only issue (in the nation and possibly worldwide) in which their is 100% commonality. 100% of the time regardless of circumstances in which the pregnancy was caused, the mother’s socio-economic status, education, geography, race, country of origin, sexual-orientation, lifestyle, etc. Despite the circumstances of her environment and stress, all of our mothers chose life. For Kingdom Men and Women this truth is a point of compassion, not a weapon. It is our starting off point for love and understanding—not conflict. It may be the only way to combat the division and brokenness surrounding abortion. It’s how we demonstrate “loving our neighbors” as Christ loved us and offer healing.

Battle Order:

Lord, I pray as Kingdom Men, that we, like our mothers, despite the circumstances, and ideologies we will be true to our theology, when it comes to love and honor (especially those who chose to be moms or choose to stop being mom in difficult circumstances) we can sacrifice to love them and support them.

Father, thank you for Moms. “Lord bless the Moms and keep them, Lord, make you face shine upon them and be gracious to them; Lord turn Your face toward our mothers and give them peace.” In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



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