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Maintaining My Relationship With God


Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

—John 15:4

Jesus’ command to "remain in me" isn't just a suggestion; it’s a call to an active, ongoing relationship with Him. Just as the vine supplies the branches with essential nutrients, Jesus provides us with the strength, wisdom, and grace we need to navigate life’s challenges. Without Him, our efforts are futile, and our lives lack true purpose and direction.

Look to where the enemy creates the most resistance and you'll see the enemy's game plan. The enemy's game plan is to separate you from your Savior and to lead sheep astray. This isn't news to you or I. We see that we are called by the world to forget Jesus Christ in worldly desire, in the media we consume, and the decadence of a sinful age. 

You and I have to fight that. We have to remain.

Here’s a trick that I learned: Don’t just do big things to remain. Start small. Start consistent. Start often.  This might sound silly but try it: 

Remain in Jesus: Before we enter any bed we ask God to bless our sleep on our knees. Easy: Knees, pray and in bed, then wake, knees, pray and up. 

Remain in Jesus: Start saying grace, thanking Him for sustenance, even if it is just in your mind or heart. 

Remain in Jesus: Every time you wash your hands say the Our Father in thanks for your baptism. 

Remain in Jesus: Agree that every time you take the first sip from a water bottle, you will ask Jesus in your heart for the true water and think of the word "Remain".  

Remain in Jesus: Start looking cashiers in the eye and get off autopilot. Make it a point to respond with a kind word.  

Remain in Jesus: touch the frame of every door of every building you enter and bless those inside in the name of Jesus Christ. Even if no one sees you, God knows. Just try it. 

Remain in Jesus: ______. Fill in the blank. Make it something small but something you know that you do everyday or often. Remain in Jesus in the little things so that every little thing you do is some reminder that you are his. 

Try it!. 1000 cuts strategy. Sounds like a kung fu movie, but it works.  

Surround the enemy with 1000 cuts and you might find that the sandbox created by your waking and walking and eating and drinking and talking as you reach out to Christ will lighten the harder challenges. 


If you were lost and had a compass, you would check it all the time as you walked so that you don't get off course. That's what I mean by this. Check that compass and remain. Remain. Say that word. 

Remain in Jesus Christ: __________. How will you fill in the blank and live for Christ today?  There's no wrong or stupid answer. Make a list of 1000 simple things, or as close as you can get.   Make them reminders daily of your relationship with Christ. 



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