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Love God More

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When Haman saw that Mordecai would not kneel down or pay him honor, he was enraged. Esther 3:5.

Sometimes, it’s a joke about my Lord. Other times, I’m in a group and hear an unsolicited yet false slur on Christianity. All eyes look to all eyes and my eyes look downward, bruised. The hate I hear, sometimes.

Loyalty tests are nothing new in society, and are often used to assert control. What is a loyalty test?

The Romans demanded that conquered people pledge allegiance by offering sacrifices to Roman gods. In the Spanish Inquisition, loyalty tests were used to identify and punish heretics. During the Cold War, loyalty tests were used to root out suspected Communists. In South Africa, the apartheid regime in South Africa enforced loyalty tests to maintain racial segregation.

What am I going to do if my loyalty to Christ is put to the test by those who hate him? What would that look like to me?

In Esther, Mordecai (a Jewish man) refuses to bow down to Haman, a high-ranking official in the Persian kingdom. Mordecai's act of defiance illustrates the importance of standing up for one's beliefs, even in the face of persecution.

  1. Trust in God. He put his trust in the Lord.

  2. Be Pre-Ready to Reject Social Pressure. Mordecai must have already decided that he was “not of that world”. He had already rejected established customs and expectations. Everyone else was bowing, but in his heart he was ready.

  3. Love Each Other Means Being an Example to Community. What defeat would have been communicated to his brothers and sisters if Mordecai would have bowed down?

  4. Love God More. He made his choice out of humility - not seeking personal glory or recognition but acting out of a deep sense of responsibility to his faith and his people. He didn’t bow, because he loved God more.

As men and leaders in our communities, we must strive to put the needs of others before our own and act selflessly in service of a greater cause.

Daily Battle Order:

Mordecai's courage, conviction, humility, and perseverance serve as powerful reminders of the qualities that define a true leader. What does it look like, to you - in your personal world - to love God “more” than what society may be pressuring you to do or say?

What are you willing to give up if the time ever comes where your loyalty is put to the test?

Prepare: What will you do if a Haman in your life….hates you?

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