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Love Does: Colleague’s Dying Father

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“That which was from the beginning, that which we have heard with the present result that it is ringing in our ears, that which we have discerningly seen with our eyes with the present result that it is in our mind's eye, that which we gazed upon as a spectacle, and our hands handled with a view to an investigation, that which is concerning the Word of the life” ~1 John 1:1

In referencing his experience with the Word of Life, John recalled what he heard, saw, and touched regarding Jesus's tangible love. John’s experience was not esoteric, subjective, or theoretical. It was grounded in the reality of what could be heard with his ears, seen with his eyes, and touched with his hands. This supernatural love is not intended for a select, elite few but for all humans.

We who have taken up the mantle of disciples of Jesus are to know Jesus experientially in this manner. 

The company owner for whom I worked for despised disciples of Jesus. He told me this often, with great enthusiasm. And yet, I had a heart for this man. Somehow, I saw the real man beyond the facade of his blustering flesh.One Friday evening after work, I received a surprise call from this owner. He asked me, “Do you still believe in that praying s–t?” Though a bit taken aback by the pre-weekend challenge, I affirmed my belief in Jesus and prayer. He responded, “Well, here is your opportunity. My father, a WWII Marine veteran, is on his deathbed at the hospital. The family has been called in. He has only hours to live. Come pray for my father.” 

The gauntlet had been thrown down.Arriving at the hospital, the owner’s large, sobbing family filled the hall. A doctor, emerging from a room, inquired, “Are you the Pastor?” “Yes!” “Well, you had better get to praying quickly. The Marine does not have much time.”Entering the room, I saw the Marine in bed—monitors humming, wires covering his arms, and a tube down his throat. Fortunately, I knew. The power needed for this Marine was not under my control. My trust had to be in the love of the Father. Laying my hands on this head, the Marine began to stir. Opening his eyes, he reached for and pulled the tube from his throat. Sputtering obscenities, he continued to remove wires from his arms. Bells and whistles began to go off.Rushing in, the nurses and doctors were frantic. I informed them I only touched the man's head and prayed. Taking charge, the doctor asked me to leave. Exiting the room, I explained the situation as best I could to the family. After a few hours, the doctor informed us that we should all go home and they would call if anything changed. It was after 10PM on a Friday.Nothing was heard on Saturday or Sunday.When I arrived at work the following Monday, the owner yelled for me to get my "gluteus maximus into his office and close the door.” After closing the door, the owner heavily sat his gluteus on the desk and pleaded with me. “What did you do to my father?” Assuming the Marine had passed, I began to explain that ‘life and death are in the Lord’s hands…not mine.’ The owner interrupted my explanation. “The doctor sent my father home on Sunday.”The company's owner had ‘heard, seen and touched’ the Word of Life. He prayed with me for the first time and was baptized the following Sunday. The transformation was tangible. Ultimately, five of his children and all grandchildren were eventually baptized. This was Jesus loving supernaturally. 

This is what love does.

Daily Battle Order:

Understanding that not everyone we touch with His love gets healed, does not give us an excuse not to extend His supernatural, self-sacrifice love. Lean ever more into the Holy Spirit. Look with anticipation for the daily opportunities. When the supernatural love of Jesus can be ‘heard, seen, and touched,’ it becomes undeniable, even to the most determined enemies of the cross. The more we practice looking for the tangible effects of the Word of Life, the more we become who God intended us to be.

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David Splan
David Splan

During these times there are even company owners now in this crisis that will turn your kids away from you. Proclaim your obedience to the lord with no fear and March with the armies of Jericho 7 days or the evil will extort and poison you with drugs to quiet you. Rashes and diseases will appear meant to kill you. Walk with God in these times and their consequences will be dealt with by angels that walk with God no matter where you roam. 1st Corinthian 10-13

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