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Living and Leveraging The Via

This week, we are detailing the core activities and processes of TJC.


“For it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” ~Matthew 10:20.

“And Suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.” ~Acts 2:2

Battlefield Summits, DBOs, The Creed, and Fire Teams, these are the “What” and “Why” of TJC. VIA is the “How.” Via is the most public-facing aspect of TJC. You might wonder why the author’s name isn’t on the DBOs. Initially, we did include names, and readers resonated with particular authors. But soon, the authors' voices blended, driven by a strong current, a mighty rushing wind, propelling the messages. It became clear that we’re not the authors, but the vehicle. Via was the perfect description.

Via means “by way of.” As Kingdom Men, with Kingdom families, this is how we live. Via is the simplest message and presentation of the Gospel. In all things, we are stewards. We have nothing, we’ve created nothing, and we are nothing on our own. Everything we do is by Him, through Him, and for Him (John 1:3). Remarkably, God chooses to amplify His goodness through us. We are His Plan A.

How do we as Kingdom Men leverage the Via in our lives? That’s the simple yet challenging part. But it is also where we find freedom and victory. By living in Via, we see God’s greatness. Our minds are blown by His ways and plans. However, when we merely “incorporate” Him into our lives, we limit Him to the size of our box, and that’s no god at all.

Living and leveraging the Via means waking up everyday thinking about how God might use you today. It means being present in our relationships, demonstrating excellence in our work, at home and on the job. It means prioritizing time with God–not as an obligation, but as an opportunity. He wants you to show up. He wants to show off in a way that leaves you only wanting to glorify Him and live a life via His goodness.

Daily Battle Order: Kingdom Man, read Acts chapter 2. Note instances of The Via and share them with your family. Discuss how to live this in your home.

Reflect honestly: When you woke up today, was your focus on your tasks or on what God would do through you? How big is your God? Does He only fill the space you’ve given Him, or do you believe He’s boundless?



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