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Is Jesus F.I.R.S.T. in my: Troubles?

This week, TJC asks (and answers) questions about specific areas of our lives. Namely, is Jesus first in those areas?


“…casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

I’ve always had compassion for non-believers, especially when they go through difficult times, whether it be spiritual, physical, or emotional. My first thought is, “Who or what does someone in that situation turn to?”. The answer to that question is that there is no good answer besides placing our faith in Christ, and even then…there’s gonna be some trouble.

When I was younger I had it all figured out. Jesus had saved me. I was on the “right” track. I was married with children, a group leader at church, a friend, a counselor, and a faithful husband. I had a nice home and a good job. I had taken all the advanced Bible courses that I could take using the best resources and curriculum that I could find. And then…

It blew up in my face. Within a couple of years we were without a home. I lost my job. Depression stalked me like a hungry wolf. My marriage ended in divorce. Everything I tried to do was either a struggle or an outright failure. Where did all this trouble come from?

It’s all so simple now that I look back. The Apostle John puts it this way… “you have abandoned the love you had at first”. That is literally what had happened. I was fighting with all my strength to do things my way. What an idiot! I was being deceived and enticed by the enemy. My idol had become self and my faith was in ME. Yet, Jesus never loosened His grip. When I came crawling back to Him, His only words were “Welcome back, child”.

DAILY BATTLE ORDER: Ask yourself: Do I face my problems with Jesus in the lead, or do I have Him stand aside while I “fix it” myself? Do I give my troubles to the ultimate problem solver? If so, thank Him again for that privilege right now. If not, you know what to do…



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