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Is Jesus F.I.R.S.T. In My: Interests?

This week, TJC asks (and answers) questions about specific areas of our lives. Namely, is Jesus first  in those areas?


For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

  • Paul the apostle in a letter to the saints at Philippi

My interests? College football, golf, and the opposite sex. Not necessarily in that order, but those three things have dominated my thoughts at different times in my secular life. Men, I’m guessing that at least one of those things has been the object of your attention at some time.  Maybe it was the competition, the desire to excel, the challenge, the natural talent… but enough about women.

So let’s take a look at these interests… Football. What’s the attraction? Most people want to support a specific school because they’re attached to it by relationship and familiarity. They are drawn to it. Golf? Not sure why I love golf, but it challenges me every time I play.  It encourages and comforts me when I have success and it teaches me even during a bad day on the course. Women? They drove me crazy until I committed to one. 

We should have all of our interests under the “umbrella” of Jesus. All interests have similar characteristics. Everyone should have a relationship and be familiar with Christ. We should be drawn to Him. Christ challenges me every day. He encourages me on good days and comforts me in the bad times. He teaches me with every step I take. The only reason I have it together at all is because I’m committed to Jesus. Sound familiar?


Don’t wait. As you pray today, give your interests to Christ. Invite Him to take those interests and make them an instrument of worship even as you are enjoying them.



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