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Improving Your Swing

via TJC

“By the way, I should advise you to drink wine in moderation, instead of water. It will do your stomach good and help you to get over your frequent spells of illness” 1 Timothy 5:23 (Phillips)

Paul’s relationship with Timothy was so much more than giving directions; it was intimate.

For this author, writing a DBO on mentorship has been difficult. 

In regards to personal examples, I do well in following own father’s mode of integrity & doing the right thing. Where I still struggle today is in building deep personal relationships with other men.  Though open to having been mentored, especially as a young Christian, for decades the church I had been a part of was not capable of giving it. As I prayed throughout those decades, I heard God say, “I am your Father and I will instruct you.”  Though I look back now, and feel, painfully, as much of that was slow development and “lost time”, the Lord has also told me that I am without excuse to move forward because He can instruct and show me.

Last weekend, when considering preparing for this DBO, I joined my nephew and others at Top Golf while waiting for a ladies family event to end. My nephew hits the golf ball well. I just started golf a year & a half ago have been to a driving range just a few times, following “Intro to Golf” instruction. When my turn came I started swinging like I had just seen – totally missing the ball.

Then I remembered my instructor’s comments to focus on just few things, keep your eye on the ball, let the club do the work, and follow-through. Doing those few things, tink, the ball few straight, not as far as others could hit it, but the ball did tend to go where pointed, especially when I remembered to follow though.

After my turn I asked my nephew how long he had been golfing, and realized that he has almost 20 years experience on me.

Afterwards, the Lord, kindly, reminded me that I am Not to compare my progress to others, and that I am still to go forward, as I am without excuse.

Where it is hitting a baseball, driving a golf ball, or mentoring/being mentored by others, reading about it will only take you so far. Eventually, you need to step up and “swing at the ball”, as the best way of learning is by doing. I do suggest that seek instruction from other men, as that not only makes the effort so much more efficient, but also “coaching” feedback to be more effective.

Continuing with the golf metaphor, follow-through is important for keeping the ball travelling straight.

Daily Battle Order:

1) Write down today who can help coach you in your life, and then see them out.

2) For those you are mentoring, continue with the follow-through.



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