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Honoring God’s Anointed


"David asked him, 'Why weren’t you afraid to lift your hand to destroy the Lord’s anointed?' Then David called one of his men and said, 'Go, strike him down!' So he struck him down, and he died." 2 Samuel 1:14-15

2nd Samuel begins with King Saul having died in battle. A foreigner has brought King Saul’s crown & armlet to David, and stated that he was the one who finished off the prior king.

This is one of the more challenging verses in the Bible for me. Throughout the book of 1st Samuel, David demonstrated his honor and respect for God's anointing King Saul, even as Saul pursues David with the intent to kill him. David’s concern for God’s anointing of Saul was so great that he struck down the man that killed him.

David clearly demonstrates a trust in God’s plan and God’s promises, even when he had a personal reason to question both.

Here is where my difficulty with this passage manifests itself. The lesson here is that we should respect and honor those whom God has chosen to lead us. We are called to be faithful, and humble, and not seek revenge against those God has put into positions of authority. By doing so, we acknowledge God's sovereignty and trust in His plan for our lives. If I am honest, I struggle with this daily. I even find it challenging to make this point because I want to question his choices.

Leadership is hard.Whether we agree with our leaders’ decisions or not, we can ask God to give them wisdom and guidance as they lead our communities, cities, and nations. We can also choose to honor those in authority by respecting their positions and treating them with kindness and dignity. This may mean refraining from negative comments or actions against them, even if we disagree with their policies or actions.

Daily Battle Order:

Pray for our leaders. Pray that they may seek God's will. Pray that they perform the duties of their office with diligence. Lastly, pray that you may find peace in God’s plan, even if you don’t understand it.



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