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Holy & Steadfast

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The grass withers, the flower fades,

but the word of our God will stand forever.”

—Isaiah 40:8 (ESV)

“Let go. I’ve got you. I will not let you fall.” - My Dad

I remember Daddy’s words as I clung to the corner of the roof directly above him. My neighbor had just a few moments earlier tossed my wiffle ball bat on top of the workshop at the back of our property. I had made my way up onto the roof by scaling a flimsy tree, then hopping over and pulling myself up the rest of the way.

It was only after retrieving the bat I discovered that the task of exiting the roof could not be accomplished in reverse… So there I was, and to an 8 year-old, that 10-foot high roof may as well have been the top of a skyscraper. Dad patiently waited until I was ready, and I let go and fell safely into his arms.

That decision was a no-brainer. He was my Dad. He was always there for me, no questions asked. He loved me. I trusted him completely. What he said he would do, he did. He always had my best interest at heart... always. His word was his bond.

By his words, we know Isaiah was also blessed to have a steadfast relationship with his Father God. This may seem like an extremely basic fact, but is there anything more important? Men, the God of this universe has commissioned us to enter into a holy, steadfast, and eternal relationship with Him. In return, His personal promise to us is that His word will stand forever. It will not return void. It will never fade. He IS our eternal Father.

Daily Battle Order

Do this: As you read God’s word today, remember that the promises contained in those pages are eternal. Unshakable. True. Forever. For you.



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