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Hidden Reefs

via TJC

In writing about personalities who provide dreams, defile the flesh, and reject authority, Jude identified them as…’ hidden reefs at your love feasts.’ When I read this scripture, human personalities usually come to mind. But I’ve had a revelation recently. Speaking personalities can also be unseen creatures. 

A small group of men, with whom I meet weekly, have grappled for two years with Jesus’s charge that His disciples are to ‘take every thought captive.’ On the surface, this would appear easy. We have discovered it is not. It was a peaceful Sunday morning, and worship was especially sweet. I love the Lord and poured out my gratitude to and for Him with my wife and fellow saints. Then, a young lady came bouncing along with her flag past me. Suddenly, my mind raced to past experiences with similar young ladies. I was horrified. How could this be happening to me? I am in the middle of worshiping You, Lord, with my wife and friends. How does this thought invade my mind? It dawned on me as I took that thought captive and spoke to it (fortunately, the music and singing allowed me to speak plainly without causing a disruption) that my location did not impede these voices. These voices could visit me, even in worship. And because my enemy knows my past, he can assault me with it. Silly me…I thought my enemy could not access my mind during worship or prayer! I learned differently. Hidden reefs have several characteristics. First, they are not easily recognized. They are covered by water and lie beneath the surface. With natural eyes, most sailors would never notice the sharp, jagged, yet beautiful reef. Second, when a ship hits one, the reef rips open the hull, sinking the vessel. What I encountered that Sunday was a beautiful, hidden reef. I was caught off guard by the scraping at my hull, never considering that these unseen voices, who were very aware of my past, could suddenly pop up in the middle of my love feast.  But they can. Our enemy does not play fair. And if our Lord Jesus Christ could encounter a sly enemy, can I presume to be immune to those seductive voices? Not every voice that gives us dreams or thoughts is human. Many come from an unseen realm, but because they are unseen, the damage may not be recognized until it is too late. 

Daily Battle Order:

As disciples under Jesus' authority, we are called to maintain our freedom. As a disciple, you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Maintain your vigilance. Look for those ‘hidden reefs in your love feasts.’  Do not give them a seat at the table. Tell them to leave, and do not entertain them. Never abandon your post.



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