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Growing in Faith: The Marginalized

via TJC

"Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?" James 2:5 ESV

My son started a church serving the children who lived in the barrios of Manila, PHP. My boy was a 6'4", blonde haired, blue-eyed American with no knowledge of Tagalog (the native Filipino language). So not only did he stand out like a sore thumb amongst the mostly, slight build brown people, but he struggled with communicating with them. Yet, his sincere love for them, his desire to meet their physical and spiritual needs made him a powerful force for Jesus in those shanty villages. Despite his absence, a church community has continued and many of the young people he discipled are faithfully serving God and continue to minister to the needs of those living in the barrios.

During His brief time on earth, Jesus was good at drawing marginalized people to Himself—those who were consistently and deliberately pushed aside by society. He listened, He took action, and He met needs.

Contrary to our human nature, Jesus sought out those who were looked down upon—the least of these. As followers of Jesus, we should work hard to do the same. And seize the opportunities to disciple those with the compassion and love that He has given us to share. Who are the marginalized in your life?  Loving and discipling those people is not an optional upgrade for the Church—it’s what our Lord has called us to do.

Daily Battle Order:

Let’s search our hearts: Are there any prejudices, preconceived ideas, or fears that hold you back from loving the marginalized people in your life? In your context, who is the marginalized "neighbor'' you can intentionally love and pour into this week?



Great sharing


Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Jul 22, 2022

An intriguing question, "Who are the marginalized in your life? " I've really not thought about those in my life, who are the marginalized. I will ponder that question and then take action.

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