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Growing in Faith: Neighbors


“For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

       When I moved into my new house, a duplex, I was excited about the future. After seven years of living with roommates, I was finally on my own again. Freedom! While I thought this new singleness was the gateway to enjoyment, it turned out to be a sliding slope to despair. I had lost the community I had with my roommates, and then on top of it, my church went through a tragedy that dispersed that community as well. I became largely unconnected, to both myself and others, relying upon my job to give me purpose and some level of satisfaction with my life.

      When COVID-19 hit our nation, the loss of community we experienced placed a huge weight on relationships. Spouses were forced to both live and work together, and those who lived alone like me had to deal with even less opportunities to connect with others. One day, a moving truck pulled up outside my duplex. Items began to fill my neighbor’s half of the yard, as I realized his wife was leaving him. In the six years I had been in that duplex, I had never taken the time to know my neighbor well, beyond his name. But now, I could see the forecast of loneliness that was barreling down toward him and reached out to offer my support. 

       What amazed me was how much the two of us had in common! A rewarding friendship for both of us was there this whole time and I almost missed it by not loving my neighbor as much as I loved myself. 

Daily Battle Order:

This Digital Age we are living in has narrower roads to connect to each other and seemingly shorter paths to walk in relationship. In what ways are you exceeding the boundaries of convention to love your neighbors well? And in order to love those who surround you, what are the obstacles to loving yourself better that you have to overcome? Repent from not appraising yourself to the high level that God securely holds you in His thoughts. 



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