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God’s Rolling His Eyes At Me

via TJC

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

—James 1:5

The Letter of James was likely written by Jesus’ half-brother—same Mom, (very) different Dad. Assuming our author is indeed James, son of Mary, we know from John 7:2-5 James struggled in believing Jesus’ authority and power. (Don’t we all?) Yet here he is, 10 or so years later, writing to the Jews all across the nations, encouraging them in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Not long ago, I had a habit of watching pornography and masturbating behind my wife’s back. I was trapped in a demonic stronghold, unable to escape. Everyday, I would pray something along the lines of, “God, please protect my wife from my sin. Please protect my daughter from my sin.”

Instead of praying for me to be healed & victorious over this pattern, I was just praying the consequences of my sin would be as minor as possible. It was the prayer of a lifelong chain smoker asking God to keep him from getting lung cancer... I knew it. God knew it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if He rolled His eyes everytime I prayed.

Then one day, I confessed to a wise friend what was going on. On that call, we prayed God would give me the wisdom to take the next steps. And God did, though those next steps were not comfortable ones. That night, I confessed to my wife. It certainly did not feel like the “protective” thing to do in that moment, but it was absolutely the protective, correct, and wise action to take for the long-term health of our marriage. I asked God for wisdom, and He in turn strengthened me, my wife, and our marriage. 

Tomorrow marks the five-month milestone of freedom, victory, and contentment over masturbation & pornography.

Daily Battle Order:

What areas in your life do you know you need wisdom in? Fathering? Husbanding? Grandfathering? Uncling? Managing money? 

Ask God for wisdom in these areas. Listen. If you’re putting blinders and expectations on what you believe you ought to hear from God, then you’re not really asking.



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