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Gettysburg Review - The Railroad Cut

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Luke 19:43 For the days shall come upon you when your enemies will throw up a bank before you, and surround you, and hem you in from every side. 

Psalm 15:1-2 O Lord, who may abide in Thy tent? Who may dwell on Thy holy hill? He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, And speaks truth in His heart.

On October 15, 2022, the men who attended TJC’s Gettysburg training stood over a thirty foot ravine in which ran a railroad. 

In July of 1863 the Western Maryland Railroad connected Gettysburg to the east, and an unfinished extension paralleled Chambersburg Pike (now US 30) on the west side of town. Although rails had not yet been laid, the roadbed was finished. On July 1, 1862, this “railroad cut” served as protection to Confederate units advancing on the field, but became a fatal trap when Union troops attacked the cut. 

We can’t hide from our sin. The enemy will find us in that “cut”. Without training and a plan, the “fog of war” is devastating. Warriors make mistakes when they feel trapped. 

We have to get into a regime of spiritual health. We wake up every day and we brush our teeth, we wash ourselves and we go to work after engaging in hygiene. We have to do the same thing, everyday, with our souls. We have to reflect constantly and in the spirit to discern our own blindspots which keep us trapped. 

Daily Battle Order:

Get out of that hole, now! – Follow this training protocol:  

  1. Call on the name of the Lord. - Out loud. Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for help, wisdom and discernment. 

  2. Learn about your Adversary. - Pay attention to how you are manipulated and seek ways to eliminate those ways to capture every thought for Jesus Christ. 

  3. Flee from Sin. Look away, immediately, from the sinful image. Delete relationships, places and objects in which sin occurs. 

  4. Regroup with Trusted Brothers and Sisters. Associate with followers of Jesus Christ. 

  5. Adopt a Daily Discipline that is More than Reading the Word. Add a period of time, every day and with the Lord where you are studying the Word and reflecting on what the Holy Spirit is trying to say to you. 


In Gettysburg, we issued journals to participants. Journaling your thoughts, while in prayer, can be a powerful resource for self-reflection. 




Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Oct 25, 2022

The teaching this year at the Railroad cut was impacting to me and this DBO revived in me what I had already forgotten. Thank you for the reminder!


It’s good to read what TJC does on battlefields

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