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Genesis: The Journey Begins

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Come closer, he said, and then, when they had drawn close to him, I am Joseph, that brother of yours whom you sent away to be sold as a slave in Egypt. And now, do not take it to heart; waste no regrets over the bargain that brought me here; if I came to Egypt first, it was on God’s errand, to be your protector. It is two years now since famine came to these parts, and there will be no ploughing, no reaping harvests, for five years more; so God would have me here in readiness to preserve your race, by giving you food to live on. It was not your design, then, it was God’s will that sent me here; he it is that has put Pharaoh himself under my tutelage, made me regent of all his domains, with the whole of Egypt under my care

Genesis 45:4-8

Genesis is a beautiful book full of rich accounts that describe the early foundation of our Christian faith. The author of Genesis is believed to be Moses, passing on to future generations how God chose and interacted with a line of faithful people throughout the beginning of their journey to understand and follow Him. From Adam and Eve to Abraham, to Noah, we can learn from how God instructs those who follow him, and also see the warning of how the faithless fall to ruin without God. We see the perseverance of many righteous Israelites who chose to act in seemingly foolish ways because they understood that God was calling them to be set apart from the world. We get to see how their faithfulness through suffering ignited curiosity and reverence for God in those around them who recognized God’s favor and understood that the signs and wonders showed God’s power. We can learn from these stories to depend on God more and more each day for our daily bread, knowing he never failed to provide in the past.

Daily Battle Order:

As you begin your journey through the Bible, think about the foundation of your faith. What brought you to a faith in Jesus Christ? What helps you to know that God has your back each day? Your personal foundation is a unique and powerful witness of what draws you to Christ and gives you the strength to persevere and follow God when others would quit. Write down a few sentences about the genesis of your faith and be ready to give an account to all who ask about your joy.



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