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Freedom From Slavery

via TJC

For all whom the Spirit of God is leading, these are mature sons of God. For you have not received a spirit of slavery resulting in fear again, but you have received The Spirit who places you as adult sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” The Spirit Himself constantly bears joint testimony with our [human] spirit that we are God’s adult children…Romans 8:14

Paul dovetails the spirit of slavery with fear. Martin Luther said there were two types of fears: The fear of a prisoner is a dreadful anxiety of a clear and present danger represented by another person or event—the second fear is that which a child has for a parent. In this regard, a child with love for his parents wants to please them dearly. He fears offending the one he loves, not because of potential punishment but because he’s afraid of displeasing the one who is the source of security and love in that child's world. Because of my father’s upbringing, he did not have a good foundation by which to raise me in security or love. Yet I lived with an insatiable desire to do all I could to please my father. He was always very quick with a corrective word. If I got a B in math (which did NOT come quickly to me), he would inquire why I did not get an A. When playing baseball, though I made numerous All-Star teams, he would provide me with an evaluation of stats and information on how I could improve. However, getting affirmation or praise was difficult for him. While not easily recognizable, I became enslaved to a spirit that drove me to do ANYTHING to get my father’s approval. Attaining my father’s approval all but consumed my relationship with him. Consequently, as a young man, I remained immature, driven to garner the approval of others. It was only after being set free by the Lord from this unclean spirit of slavery that I was free. Then, I could freely choose to forgive my father and restore a right relationship with him AND my heavenly Father.

Daily Battle Order:

Let us examine ourselves. As an ‘adult son of God,’ ask the Lord to cleanse you from any spirit other than The Holy Spirit. And then maintain your freedom from slavery, for surely they will desire to return and come knocking.

The theme for this year on the Battlefield with TJC is Deep Change. Come join TJC and learn more about how deeply Christ can change your heart.



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