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Fishing for Men

via TJC

Dear Theophilus, I lay awake, restless from everything I have experienced. Sometimes I wish I were back at sea instead of fishing for men. I laugh at myself because I have already tried Cephas' way and after walking on water and having to be saved- because I was terrified makes it that much sweeter that God has given me this calling. I still don’t know why I panicked because I was literally walking without falling in, yet something inside me doubted that it was real.

That dreadful rooster crowing rings in my ears, as a lesson to give grace to those around me today that think they won’t be tested and fall short. Jesus has always told me and shown me the way, but I performed His calling the way I wanted to and it was a lesson I don't ever want to repeat. The real cool part is that I messed up but still got to hangout with Jesus, and be used in a big way.

The other day John and I went up to the temple, and near the Beautiful gate this guy asked me for money. I told him to look at us, and in the name of Jesus to stand up and walk. You should have seen that guy, who hadn’t walked in years jumping up and down in the church, I know God was chuckling. I sure was.

Stay humble and rely on the Lord my brother, Peter

Daily Battle Order:

Peter was transformed into a mighty powerful leader for God’s purpose and after several setbacks; God still used Peter. What setbacks do you have or challenges that need to be surrendered to God? Just imagine/believe being used by God in a powerful way, if you let God lead the way..

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