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Confused but I Still Believe

via TJC

Dear Theophilus, I’ve got to be honest with you here. I’m still confused by this “salvation” thing. I mean, I get the “believe in Me” part, but eternal life? I just don’t know about all of that. Living forever, in heaven? God in human form? Why?

And yet I can’t walk away from this man named Jesus. I’ve seen Him heal the sick, cause the lame to walk and restore sight to the blind. Only a real God could do that right?

I’ve seen Him rebuke a storm without fear and feed thousands with a couple of fish and some bread, like some sort of magic trick. But He knows the scriptures better than anyone I’ve ever known. He prays constantly. He’s always kind. He’s always faithful and loyal. He’s never truly afraid of authority. This Jesus certainly walks the walk and talks the talk.

I’m drawn to Him because of the love He shows for others and the wisdom He shares that is far beyond His years. I must accept His premise of redemption and salvation because of the miracles He performed and life He’s led. I can feel the love He has for others in everything He says and does. I have decided to follow Jesus!

2023 - Imagine this first-person account of someone walking with Jesus. Could Jesus have been so convincing had He been short tempered? Or acted immorally on weekends? Or acted self-serving? I don’t believe so.

Daily Battle Order: We simply aren’t convincing to others when we talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Every interaction we have with others is an opportunity to showcase a life filled with the Holy Spirit, or cause others to stay confused about what you’re trying to say to them. Make every interaction you have today matter. Let the power of Jesus show through you to help lead others to The Cross.



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