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via TJC Stop fainting when you are being effectually rebuked by the Lord. For the one whom the Lord loves, he disciplines, corrects, and guides. And He scourges every son whom he receives and cherishes. Hebrews 12: 5-6

“Are you willing to marry Joanne”? The question shook me. This could not be the Lord! It had to be demonic. I was a new disciple of Jesus and loved my relationship with Him. He had set me free from the grasp of many strongholds and tasting freedom for the first time. So how is it possible that such an idea could invade my thoughts? But I knew this was the Lord. “My sheep hear My voice…” What could I do? He was asking me to do something with which I disagreed. I prayed, fasted, pleaded, and begged Him to change His mind, to just say something different. All I kept hearing was… “Are you willing to marry Joanne”? I fought Him, whined like a child. I liked Joanne, but could not see my way to marrying her. She was the sister of a dear friend of mine and looked like him! Ewwww. I was trapped! Resist the Holy Spirit or climb the mountain of obedience! I could stand it no longer. After praying one Friday night, I told the Lord ‘Yes, I am willing to marry Joanne. I will ask her tomorrow.’ I slept better that night than I had in months. The next morning I began talking with the Lord in the shower, thanking Him for His mercy and to give me courage. Suddenly, clear as a bell, I heard Him say “I only asked if you would be WILLING to marry Joanne. I did not tell you TO marry her. Your willingness to follow Me was the goal. You are not to marry Joanne. I have another for you.” The climb and struggle were worth it! My blade was dull and I was unaware. The struggle honed my listening! DAILY BATTLE ORDER:

Real love encounters difficult choices; testing the strength of our resolve. Practice listening closely to our Father. He does not mind if we wrestle with Him. Don’t go around your struggles. He wants us to go THROUGH them with Him. Push all other voices aside. Lean into His voice…even in the shower! This is the path for sons whom He loves!

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